Career Advice

By working with AY Recruitment you will give yourself a chance to reach the following career success:

  • Self - Confidence and empowerment
  • Clear understanding of what you want to do in future
  • A practical career action plan to determine what to do and when
  • Identifying and assessing your key skills and experiences and any gaps
  • Improved success-rate in being shortlisted for target roles
  • Improving your marketability
  • Positioning yourself for future job opportunities
  • Enhanced interview skills to win the job offer
  • Marketing your skills persuasively to potential external employers
  • Enhancing your salary negotiation skills to ensure that you are being paid appropriately and well
  • Reviewing your strategic action plan to ensure your career remains on-track and is able to accommodate unforeseen changes
  • Greater clarity and focus about their next role

Career Advices Services

CV Writing

Aside from ensuring that your CV is well structured, the content you choose to include and how it’s written are equally important. It has become clear that simply downloading or utilising resources found on the Internet can greatly harm your chances of finding employment. As professional CV writers we can add genuine value through understanding the strengths and weakness of every individual ensuring your CV is professional and high-impact while standing out as unique. Building a bespoke CV should be considered as a key to open up doors to your dream job. We are confident that our service will maximise your chances of getting it.

CV Review and Cover Letter guidelines

  • Highlighting skills and competences and adding value to a CV
  • Emphasizing key strengths in relation to the job.
  • Helping your CV and cover letter stand out from the crowd

Interview preparation and tips

  • Strength and confidence building
  • Skill awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Strong first impression
  • Negotiation regarding remuneration

Career Preparation Workshop

  • Information about career opportunities and prospects in different career fields
  • Job hunting skills, job nature and competencies required
  • Dealing with job applications and rejection
  • Introduction to Recruitment Assessment techniques

Job seeking support

  • Selecting and sending job related to candidate field
  • Speculative Applications
  • Targeting Chosen Companies
  • Responding to Vacancies

At the end of the session the interview trainer will discuss with you an action plan so that you can build upon what you have learnt during the group coaching or the one to one session. Free support by email after the end of entire course so that you can gain further advice for your future endeavors.

Careers and Experiencing Work

  • Help you develop and demonstrate a range of skills through your Careers activities and studies
  • Help you gain experience of the workplace and develop and demonstrate understanding of work-related issues

English Language

  • Help you develop and demonstrate a range of skills through your English Language activities and studies


  • Help you to develop and demonstrate a range of skills through your enterprise activities and studies
  • Help you to develop and demonstrate entrepreneurial understanding and skills


  • Help you to develop and demonstrate a range of skills through your international activities and studies


  • Help you develop and demonstrate language specific skills and knowledge
  • Help you develop and demonstrate general employability skills


  • Help you develop and demonstrate a range of skills through your Mathematics activities and studies
  • Help you develop and demonstrate understanding and skills


  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Community and Volunteering
  • Government and Democracy
  • Law and Order
  • Finance
  • Global Citizenship


  • Help you develop team working and organisational skills
  • Help you develop communication, adaptability and flexibility
  • Help you develop experience of the workplace
  • Provide a way to gain confidence and self-esteem and coping with problems
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