Routeway 4 – Developing You

Routeway 4 – Developing You

Content of provision and delivery: Our Routeway 4 – Developing You has been designed specifically to target those hardest to help individuals and provide them with the Skills necessary to enter the world of work and sustain their employment. Throughout this course, we will engage individuals with complex and multiple barriers to employment, with a focus on 1-to-1 provision and action planning sessions with potential individuals, identifying the employment that is right for them and producing job outcomes. There are 5 stages to this Routeway with each stage split into a 5-day course spread over 2 weeks.

Weeks 1-2

Customer will undergo an initial diagnostic assessment that will be followed by high-quality information, advice and guidance delivered by our IAG qualified tutors. This will result in the creation of a bespoke action plan for each individual customer that will identify their key barriers to employments. Our course covers preparation for life and work, as well as enrichment and is designed to develop a candidate’s personal, transferable and employability skills through an engaging and challenging curriculum of activities, leading to a certificate of achievement. With the help of our staff, candidates will steadily grow their understanding, ownership and achievements on their personal journey.

Weeks 3-4

This second stage will prepare customers for the world of work by equipping them with work skills, enhancing their employability and making them more attractive to prospective employers. These skills with focus on jobs in Administration, Arts, Construction, Customer Scare and Hospitality etc. Candidates will be expected to recognise that social awareness focuses on the individual’s formal and informal relationships, to include working and friendships, and that this could affect their employability. By the end of this stage, candidates should be able to evaluate the usefulness of a employability skills such as literacy, enterprise and business acumen.

Weeks 5-6

We will build our candidates understanding of the job application process, to include knowledge of where jobs are advertised e.g. newspapers, journals, job sites, job centres and word of mouth. We will provide several advert formats to demonstrate the information customers must look for and seek further information on if necessary. Customers will come to appreciate the skills associated with applying for jobs, to include completion of application forms, writing covering letters, and choosing suitable references. Customers will receive interview preparation that will be comprised of two equally weighted parts; the generic interview technique, and; the specific pre-interview research for a given job advertisement of further education or training.

Weeks 7-8

Customers will be placed, voluntarily, into a work placement (and signposted to other suitable work placements) to gain relevant skills and allow them to demonstrate the skilful application of their knowledge and critical understanding to problems and issues that commonly arise in the workplace. Work placements provide an opportunity for us to review customer progress and achievements, which we combine with evidence of their learning towards targets agreed in their individual learning plans.

Weeks 9-10

Customers will deliver a presentation detailing their experience of the course and the skills/knowledge they have built. Job ready candidates who have not yet secured employment will be matched to vacancies with our partner companies. Ongoing mentoring will be provided to individuals who secure employment to increase the percentage of sustained outcomes.

Details and Evidence of How Provision Will Move Claimants Closer to Work:

We will ensure those who complete the course gain the confidence to be both proficient and self-sufficient in their job hunt, and ultimately help them move into employment. For the last 5 years, our experienced tutors have been successfully delivering individually focussed programmes to hard to reach groups, and our experience has shown us short courses achieve the best results with this cohort. Through our relationship with local employers and stakeholders such as the London Training and Employment Network (LTEN) and Sobus, we have developed a strong understanding of both the local labour market and the needs of our customers. To this end, our provision focusses on understanding each learner, identifying their personal barriers to include any health issues or disabilities, and help them develop realistic job plans to include; apprenticeships; courses to develop skills in their chosen profession; SMEs; volunteering; or flexible part time work. This puts us in a stronger position to better provide London’s employers with a workforce that has the knowledge, skills and experience to run and expand their operations, increasing their confidence in the system as prioritised by London LEP. Overall, those completing our course will feel more confidence and motivated to applying proven job application techniques and hunting skills, improving their chances of entering the workplace and securing sustained employment.

Performance Expectations and Supporting Rationale: For this Routeway we will achieve 60% job outcomes. Each individual employment will last 4 weeks within a 13-week tracking window. Rationale – We are currently assisting the Big Lottery Fund by delivering free workshops to Tower Hamlets and Westminster residents (May 2016 - ongoing), covering career advice and volunteering opportunities. We are now a Pearson Edexcel centre (April 2016 - ongoing) and have since been delivering Level 3 & 4 courses for clients eligible for Student Loans, teaching topics such as Business Administration and Hospitality. Our ReCreate You provision, delivered on behalf of DWP (March – August 2016) to Hackney and Tower Hamlets residents, engaged 50+ clients with back to work workshops, supporting in their journey to become job ready and find sustained employment. We also successfully placed 50 participants on DWP’s Newham Employability programme (Feb – Aug 2014) into work/voluntary placements. Through this excellent track record of success, we have developed a realistic and achievable, low-risk, high performance expectation.

Managing Performance to Ensure Outcomes and/ or Outputs Are Achieved: We are an established DWP/JCP contractor and, as such, we already apply an internal control system mapped to the requirements of DWP’s Provider Assurance Team (PAT) and the 1998 Data Protection Act. We routinely utilise of ready developed Management Information Systems (MIS) to capture accurate and auditable claimant information, and measures success of provision. As part of our preparation for this opportunity, our Operations Manager has mapped our existing MIS against the Specification of Commercial Requirements and DPS Terms and Conditions to ensure adequacy and proportionality. The MIS can record and store participant data including; volumes, attendance, Action Plans, Equality & Diversity, feedback, job outcomes and sustained job outcomes. Whilst “live” information can be accessed at any time, weekly and monthly report are collated for each contract, allowing a regular review of data reporting appropriateness to support effective evaluation, measure uptake and delivery, and monitor and manage the contract.

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