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A Youth Board is an advisory committee created to give youth an opportunity to express their ideas and opinions. It enables young people to take on a responsible role shaping changes which affect their life and the community they live among.

The purpose of the Youth Board is to facilitate:

  • Open dialogue amongst young people on issues that are important to them in their communities;
  • Creative exchange of ideas, solutions and projects and opportunities;
  • To act on issues important to young people;
  • Networking opportunities amongst young people and adults;
  • Campaigning on issues that affect young peoples’ lives, through engaging with relevant decision makers.

What is the importance of the Youth Board?

The role of the Company Board is to listen carefully to what the Youth Board says, to consider how their ideas and opinions could be maximised and incorporated into community planning.

The Youth Board meets regularly to discuss how they can contribute to AY. They help interview for staff, do consultation and questionnaires with young people and help with fundraising.

Truly effective youth programs are marked by high levels of youth involvement – not just as program recipients, but as valuable resources who give program direction. When youth have a voice – a voice that’s heard and acted on by adults – they have power to change their world for the better.

If you think you can be part of our organisation and you wish your voice to be heard than all you need is to download and fill in our Youth Board Questionnaire, send it at and we’ll talk soon.

Youth Board Questionnaire – download here

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