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Supporting Hardest to Help into Work

AY Group supports those hardest to help to achieve social justice and/or job outcomes, dependent on individual need, by capturing the combination of individual barriers to work, such as: a lack of literacy and numeracy; health issues and disabilities (including mental health); those with substance abuse issues; those with mild learning difficulties; the homeless, and; ex-offenders.


Addressing Barriers

Our ‘Addressing barriers’ provision will capture the combination of individual barriers to work and identify the support needed across different demographic categories. This intensive course is run by MATRIX accredited, AY Group tutors who possess the skills and knowledge required to support claimants in overcoming their barriers to getting a job, moving claimants into sustained employment.


Getting Jobs

To effectively support claimants to ‘Get Jobs’, AY Group offers short modular provision proven to elevate proficiency and self-sufficiency in job hunting, to include: realistic planning, one-to-one assessments and review; personal skills; job-hunting skills and supported Jobsearch.


For more details, please contact us at office@ay-group.org or your local JobCentre Plus office.

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