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Accountant – AY Group

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Job Description

Purpose of the job: To provide support to branches and area staff on financial matters.

Job Description:

To record accurately your group’s financial activity.  To keep both your group and national office informed of your group’s financial position in a timely manner.  To provide guidance to the group on internal control and financial procedures.

·       Ensure that all financial transactions are handled safely and accurate records are kept

·       If required, maintain a local bank account(s) in the charity’s name, making sure that all income is banked upon receipt into your group’s accounts

·       Record all assets of your group, making sure arrangements exist for their safekeeping

·       Complete and return Annual Financial Return forms in line with the requirements set by the Finance team

·       Report to and advise your group on its financial position. This is good governance and will help the group make informed decisions

·       Advise your group on financial policies, internal control and appropriate use of funds.

·       Make sure all volunteer expenses claims are paid in line with the charity’s Volunteer Expenses Policy

·       Make sure there is a smooth handover to the next treasurer of all documents and money  attend all meetings of the committee, as far as is practicable

·       Make sure financial decisions are agreed by the committee in a minuted committee meeting

·       Prepare an up-to-date financial report for each committee meeting, ensuring this is signed and checked by another committee member

·       Present your submitted Annual Financial Return at the annual general meeting


Essential Experience & Qualifications:

There is no requirement to have any previous financial or accounting experience, although you will find the role easier if you have previous cashbook and spreadsheet experience.

  • You may find it helpful to use a computer if you have access to one, because our electronic cashbook template (available on the Treasurer’s resources webpage) will make your role easier. But this is not mandatory.
  • Any person applying for this role must have had previous bookkeeping experience or be studying towards an AAT, ACCA or ICMA.

They must also be accurate at data input on a computer.

Additional Information:

•        Able to supervise others

•        Be a team player

•        Be dependable and truthful

•        Be motivated and dedicated

•        Be able to make capable and effective decisions

  • Be able to prioritize, and manage tasks

•        Good oral and written communication skills

•        Aptitude for working with computers, compiling data and reports

•        Strong organisation skills

•        Have focus and resilience

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