Working with AY Recruitment CIC

AY Recruitment CIC, part of AY Group is a non-profit social enterprise that is dedicated to disadvantage young people and adults. AY Group is an organisation committed to provide quality service to clients and candidates as well as providers.AY Recruitment centre part of AY group offer services in the following:

• Sector Based work Academy’s
• Traditional Temporary worker model
• Permanent Recruitment solutions
• Worked-based vocational qualifications – offer a wide range of Edexcel Levels 3 & 4

The delivery capitalises on AY Recruitment philosophy that ethical atypical employment can only be established through true partnerships with our clients, training providers and candidates. Through effective listening and understanding individual needs of each perspective, AY could develop a “Win, Win scenario for all”. For example:

• Prospective Employer: the right staff equipped with the right skills and knowledge
• Candidates: overcoming personal barriers to employment and better job prospects
• Provider: fully engaged and motivated learners, working for ethical and supportive employers
• Community: reduction in the NEET’s, health inequality, social services, welfare, poverty leading to a vibrant and healthy community
• AY Recruitment Group: Raising aspirations and making a positive contribution to the lives of young people and adults within the community

We are looking for high quality employers with a strong commitment to supporting their local community who can offer job opportunities, volunteering placements and work experience.

If you are an employer that likes to support young people and perhaps enjoy the prospect of handpicking the best new raw talent, then contact us and find out how you can get involved.

AY Recruitment CIC, is a non-profit social enterprise that supports disadvantaged young people in the local community with the express aim of moving them closer to the jobs market and making them eminently employable through support and training.

Our service provides you with a bright young spark that can ignite your business enabling you to run a successful business and take control of the talent pipeline.

Working with us creates the opportunity to nurture a young person with skills and capabilities relevant to your organisations need, while you provide an opportunity for a person from a disadvantaged background to experience real work, build confidence and develop a real work ethic.

Benefits of Working Together


Corporate donators and fundraisers will be promoted across our social media network, directly communicating your company and efforts to young people. In addition we offer joint advertising on our web-page and on merchandise.

Our most generous partners will be promoted in and throughout the community through our community newsletter.

Staff training and teambuilding

Call us to discuss using our services to train and motivate your team. Our innovative classes will instill in employees important workplace skills whilst maintaining an atmosphere of fun.

Access to a new workforce

Young, ambitious and skilled people to contribute to your company, Your company will be given every opportunity to engage with our young people and the community at every stage and will be given the first opportunity to work with them.

Making your mark on society

Helping provide NEETs and disadvantaged groups with the step-up they need to get into employment is a crucial way we can reduce unemployment and produce the talented, qualified employees that the British economy need to be competitive.

AY Presentations and Assemblies

We will visit your school to talk to pupils and/or teachers about issues such as careers, health, training and charity. Please contact us for more information. Our business engagement events will also help pupils, staff and parents discover the wider range of the business and employment landscape.

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